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Workstation Assessments

At Edge Osteopathy and Physiotherapy, we provide tailored ergonomic assessments and recommendations with postural education. Employers can choose to have workstation assessments on all staff or at the request of individual employees.

The vast majority of individuals often will sit and work at their workstation, with minimal understanding of how to adjust their chair and workstation accessories to suit their needs. Many of these individuals often report to suffer from various musculoskeletal complaints, the most common being neck and shoulder pain or lower back pain and don’t realise how static or awkward postures for long periods of time or repetitive work tasks could be contributing to their complaint.

Ensuring your workstation is suitably adjusted to support good working posture is an essential part of reducing the risk of injury.
A workstation assessment should be done at commencement of employment, after desk relocation and at the onset of any symptoms of injury. There are three options for checking on your workstation set up.

The assessments will cover:
• Discussion about any specific musculoskeletal complaint or concern
• The employee’s role and responsibilities within the business
• The workstation including computer, chair, keyboard and mouse positioning and the provision of any necessary recommendations
• Analysis of posture and provision of appropriate education
• Written report to employer highlighting concerns, adjustments made and providing cost-effective options for any recommended ergonomic aids