Anselm Yap

Anselm Yap

anselm yap


Anselm graduated from the esteemed Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) – Trinity College of Dublin, attaining a Bachelor of Science with Honours (Distinction) in Physiotherapy. Commencing his professional journey as a physiotherapist under the auspices of Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), Anselm embarked on a trajectory marked by remarkable proficiency and seasoned expertise. Thriving within the demanding milieu of acute healthcare, he garnered extensive exposure, honing a diverse array of clinical skills tailored to address a spectrum of acute and chronic musculoskeletal, orthopaedic, neurological, and cardiopulmonary conditions.

Through his tenure at TTSH, Anselm assumed the mantle of a clinical educator, guiding and mentoring final-year SIT physiotherapy students with a sagacity borne of hands-on experience. His multifaceted background, fortified by a stint as a commando during his national service and a fervent dedication to football, affords him a firsthand appreciation of injury management’s pivotal role in facilitating optimal recovery.

Firmly entrenched in his ethos is the conviction that identifying and addressing the root cause of an injury is paramount. Anselm is resolute in his commitment to collaborating with patients, devising bespoke treatment regimens that align with their aspirations. He derives profound gratification from witnessing his patients’ transformative journeys towards enhanced strength and confidence, serving as an unwavering impetus for his unwavering dedication to the field of physiotherapy.

Specializing in the nuanced treatment of neck and lower back pain, shoulder ailments, and lower limb injuries, Anselm employs a sophisticated arsenal of modalities, including manual therapy, movement with mobilisation (MWM), and evidence-based exercise prescription. His pursuit of excellence is underscored by a voracious appetite for lifelong learning, as evidenced by his participation in an array of continuous education courses and prestigious conferences, including the Singapore Health & Biomedical Congress.

Beyond the confines of his professional sphere, Anselm finds solace in rigorous gym workouts and the camaraderie of football. His passion for elevating his craft and enriching the lives of others manifests in an unwavering commitment to excellence, positioning him as an eminent figure within the realm of physiotherapy.