Vestibular Physiotherapy

Vestibular Physiotherapy

Vestibular physiotherapy is a practical and exercise- based physiotherapy to rehabilitate o patients who present with balance problems or dizziness. It is administered by specially trained therapists in this field.


Dizziness can be defined as lightheadedness, wooziness, feelings of unsteadiness, sensation of moving, spinning, floating, tilting or the room rotating (vertigo).

These feeling can happen when you are changing positions, standing still or lying down. Sometimes it can last seconds and other times it can last hours.


Dizziness can be caused by an inner ear dysfunction, neck dysfunction, medication, or an occasionally more serious problem to do with the heart or brain.


Patients that are referred for vestibular physiotherapy and rehabilitation are those diagnose with dizziness, vertigo, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), neck related dizziness and migraines. Other people referred can be those who have had a stroke or a brain injury that causes them to fall.

Symptoms that can be helped with vestibular physiotherapy include: frequent falls, dizziness, vertigo/spinning, eye movements, neck tightness and stiffness, headaches, “foggy head feeling”.

Vestibular Physiotherapists with review your medical history, make a thorough assessment with specialized techniques, look at your balance, your gait, visual stability and movement and also your neck mobility. From this assessment an individualized treatment program will be put together to help improve your symptoms and manage your functional problems.

Treatment of Vestibular Physiotherapy
Vestibular Physiotherapy


Vestibular Physiotherapy is a successful treatment option for those with problems of the inner ear or brain and in some instances it will be the only treatment needed. Other times it can be used as part of a pre or post surgery treatment plan. In many cases with patients performing the exercises that they have been given for rehabilitation, they can significantly decrease their dizziness and balance problems and many times the symptoms can completely disappear.

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Vestibular physiotherapy is a practical and exercise- based physiotherapy to rehabilitate o patients who present with balance problems or dizziness.


What is a vestibular physiotherapist?

A vestibular physiotherapy helps train or treat you via vestibular physiotherapy.

What does vestibular therapy involve?

It is an exercise-based treatment and program to improve your balance or help with dizziness and other issues.

How long does vestibular rehabilitation take to work?

Exercises should be done continuously for a few weeks. You should be feeling more relief by the end.

What are vestibular rehabilitation exercises?

Exercises designed to improve your mobility and balance.

What can I expect from vestibular therapy?

A trainer that guides you through various exercise programs to help with balance or dizziness issues.

How do you heal a vestibular system?

Vestibular therapy is a good way to help with healing the vestibular system.

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