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Functional Movement Assessment


Our practitioners are skilled at assessing your functional movement and how that is applicable to any injuries or pain that you may have. It can also be used as strong predictor for injury by picking up inefficient movement patterns, especially in individuals playing sports.

We treat each individual as unique and therefore develop custom assessments, treatments and tailor made programs for specific needs based on their individual abilities and goals. This is a very useful avenue if you want to increase your performance in sport, reduce the risk of injury, and improve your general body mechanics with movement and exercise.

The M.A.T (Movement Assessment Tool) is used as a tool for assessment. It is an
innovative new tool designed by the Functional Movement Group to help movement practitioners quantitatively assess the three-dimensional movement of their patients in a human function. The M.A.T helps practitioner’s move beyond traditional physical therapy assessments by allowing movement to be assessed, as it should be, in upright tasks and functional movement.

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