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Maria Hussain

Maria Hussain

Structural Integration

Maria is a popular manual therapist with more than 10 years clinic experience , she has trained to a high level of advanced massage therapy both in the Uk and Australia , She is certified in ATSI structural Integration under the teachings of Tom Myers and based on the pioneering work of Dr Ida Rolf

Structural Integration also commonly known as Rolfing is a scientifically validated process of restructuring the body through movement , touch and education and involves direct manipulation of the Fascia , the connective tissue that holds us together ,
Injuries , stress and work related repetitive movements can all cause the fascia to become restricted . This can then pull our muscles and skeleton out of alignment causing stiff necks and shoulders , aches and pains in your back , or tight hips . By effecting the fascia patients can get both immediate relief , but also long term changes to chronic issues and posture ,

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Maria has a special interest in biomechanics treating the root cause of the problem as opposed to treating the symptom .

“ where you think it is it ain’t “ IDA Rolf