Handling Stress And Anxiety Utilising A Naturopathy Approach

In these difficult times of reduced social interaction and staying indoors, it is no surprise that stress and anxiety have been increasing not just in Singapore, but across the globe. Learn how naturopathic doctors utilise natural healing to help Singaporeans handle stress and anxiety effectively and without side effects.

Natural Healing by Meditation

At its roots, naturopathy taps into the body’s innate natural healing abilities to holistically treat patients and their conditions. It goes beyond just addressing superficial symptoms, utilising a combination of exercise, dieting, natural supplements, and lifestyle counseling to achieve numerous outcomes, be it helping to reduce stress and anxiety or coping with chronic pain.

Naturopathic doctors, who have a different qualification than Naturoapaths, undergo extensive training as part of their four-year Doctorate in Naturopathy. This makes them experienced in advising patients on healthy and natural clinical nutrition, planning a structured and action-oriented lifestyle to help ward off illnesses, as well as a strong understanding of botanical and herbal medicine to treat various conditions. By providing tailor-made treatments for every patient, it allows them to promote our bodies’ natural healing for long-term and sustained recovery. Naturopathic doctors often utilise their expertise for Singaporean clients to better deal with both stress and anxiety. 

Utilising a lifestyle management approach, naturopathic doctors analyse patients’ daily routines, identifying potential stressors and helping them better cope with them. They range from helping patients adhere to a timetable which includes proper sleep and time for leisure, as well as recognising patients’ unhealthy habits such as rumination and substance abuse that can increase both stress and anxiety, working alongside them through the entire journey to help bring about permanent and positive change.

In addition, many people tend to neglect their diets when stressed out, often reaching for processed food or snacks that are convenient to prepare and consume but lack nutritional value. In turn, their bodies are deprived of essential nutrients, making them more susceptible to both physical and mental illnesses as well as lowering their overall energy levels. Naturopathic doctors help patients by recommending a balanced and nutritious diet and how to easily obtain them, such as a whole food plant-based diet that is full of micronutrients such as vitamins, proteins, and healthy fats. 

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