How Osteopathy Improves Your Overall Pregnancy Wellbeing

Pregnancy is a challenging period for women, as they experience numerous physiological and hormonal changes, as well as increased emotional stress in such a short amount of time. Promoting their wellbeing is key to a smooth pre and post-pregnancy, and osteopathy offers all-natural and holistic treatments to do so. Here are some ways that visiting an osteopathic centre in Singapore helps pregnant women improve their overall wellbeing.

Osteopathic Treatment for Pregnant Woman

Osteopathy improves health across pregnancy.

The process of pregnancy is taxing on women’s bodies which can result in extended discomfort. Some common conditions include postural problems, lower back and pelvic pain, as well as pelvic floor dysfunction. Other conditions include bladder irritation, constipation, as well as bloating; which can severely impact the quality of one’s life as well as create discomfort across pregnancy.

Osteopathic centres in Singapore promote women’s health through restoring balance to their bodies using physical manipulation, stretching, and massage to relieve muscle tension and bolster the body’s innate healing mechanisms. Some examples include soft abdominal palpation to treat ligament strains and reduce back and pelvic pain, gently manipulating pelvic bones and joints to facilitate correct positioning of the baby throughout pregnancy and delivery, as well as stretching and general exercises to help pregnant women maintain proper breathing during childbirth.

With years of hands-on experience and knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, our osteopaths sense subtle disturbances and motions in patients’ underlying tissue and utilise soft manipulative pressure to deliver effective treatment. Osteopaths in Singapore also charge affordable prices, allowing easy access to quality care and improved wellbeing.

Osteopathy speeds up postnatal recovery.

Following pregnancy, the postnatal period is also a challenging time for mothers. Many mothers experience muscle fatigue and aches in their shoulders, necks, and arms in the days following labour. In addition, the hormonal fluctuations following childbirth can result in hip and joint pain as a result of ligament and cartilage movement to pre-pregnancy positions, interfering with general movement and one’s ability to engage in vigorous activity.

In Singapore osteopathic centres, osteopaths utilise a range of techniques such as soft tissue therapy, myofascial release, as well as muscle energy techniques to help relieve pain and tension, as well as improving musculoskeletal and joint function. They will also create tailor-made daily exercises for patients that they can do at home, helping to strengthen their bodies and facilitate recovery in a holistic manner. In turn, this allows mothers to feel more energised and better able to care for both their newborn and themselves.

Osteopathy is relaxing and reduces stress.

Particularly for women expecting their first child, pregnancy is often a challenging time of transitions and adapting. This can lead to increased levels of stress and discomfort, which can negatively impact one’s quality of life and even impact the development of the baby. A common condition that women experience after delivery is postpartum depression, which can significantly impact their ability to care for their newborn during the crucial first few weeks following childbirth if not properly cared for.

Edge Healthcare Osteopathic Center Singapore offers cranial osteopathy, which utilises gentle palpitations directed at the head and spinal region to relieve stress and tension. Cranial osteopathy is effective at treating both pregnancy and post-natal pain, as well as recovery from trauma that can arise from childbirth. In addition, it is also effective on babies, helping relieve tension in their cranial bones and tissues as a result of childbirth and promote healthy growth.

Looking for an established osteopathic centre in Singapore? Contact us today to learn more about our osteopaths’ prices per session.

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