Treating Your Back Pain With Help From Physical Therapy

Back pain is one of the most common occurrences amongst Singaporeans, with an estimated 80% of adults in Singapore suffering an episode of lower back pain in their life. Learn more about how back pain arises as well as its key symptoms, and how physical therapy in Singapore can help properly treat it.

Physiotherapist Treating A Patient With Back Pain


What is back pain?

To understand back pain, it helps to learn more about the spine. It consists of over 20 separate vertebrae stacked on top of one another, with a flexible disc sitting in between each pair of vertebrae and held together by ligaments. There are two kinds of back pain, acute and chronic back pain.

Acute back pain develops suddenly as a result of a strain or sprain of the soft tissues in your back, such as your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. One of the most common ways this occurs is buy overload or due to not being conditioned for a particular activity. physical therapy in Singapore would be your first port of call to assess and guide you to recovery.

Chronic back pain is attributed to long-term problems, this condition is very complex and is not just a structural problem but usually related to stress, nutrition, deconditioning and sleep deficit.  


How does physical therapy treat back pain?

Physical therapy in Singapore is key to treating and preventing back pain. Physical therapists are skilled in utilising a variety of means to effectively treat both acute and chronic back pain, such as spinal manipulation to relieve pressure on joints, reduce inflammation, and improve nerve function. They also utilise soft tissue mobilisation to improve flexibility and range of motion, as well as deep tissue massages to alleviate pain, relax muscles, and improve circulation.

In addition to a complete session of back pain physiotherapy in Singapore, your physiotherapist will also guide you through specific strengthening exercises to relieve stress and strengthen your back. They will also provide recommendations to improve your condition and avoid aggravating your injury, be it ergonomic improvements of your workstation for greater comfort or providing tips on how to walk with a proper gait and posture.

When first visiting a physiotherapy clinic near you, your physiotherapist will holistically assess your situation, ranging from the symptoms you present to your family history and general health condition. They will also conduct assessments of your range of motion and general mobility, allowing them to create an individualised treatment regime for optimal treatment success.

Our skilled physical therapists will work together with you to set initial expectations, provide an estimated timeframe for recovery, as well as review your progress over multiple treatment sessions. In some cases, physical therapists may liaise with other specialists in Singapore, such as dietitians, occupational therapists, and psychotherapists, allowing them to craft a comprehensive treatment plan for each patient.

Looking for a physiotherapy clinic near you? Edge Healthcare has multiple clinics located across Singapore, such as Telok Ayer, Robinson, and Orchard. Contact us to find out more about how we conduct our back pain physiotherapy in Singapore.

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