4 conditions In Babies That Cranial Osteopathy Treats

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Cranial Osteopathy is a gentile form of osteopathic treatment that focuses on hands-on treatment of the bones and muscles that support your general health and well-being, by finding the root cause of discomfort and pain. It is performed by highly trained osteopaths who are able to diagnose issues in your body and correct them by gently manipulating your bones, muscles and fascia.

A major field in cranial osteopathy is the treatment of infants. Fast growing in popularity as an alternate therapy for new-borns, Cranial Osteopathy in Singapore can help infants who have issues such as sleeping, latching, and body alignment. 

Read on to find out more about 4 specific conditions in babies that cranial osteopathy can help with.

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1. Colic

Colic is the bane of many new mothers. It is characterised by frequent, prolonged periods of crying or fussing in otherwise healthy infants. This can be a significant stressor for new parents who may not understand why their infant is crying non-stop.

While causes of colic are unknown and may vary from case to case, possible contributing factors are trapped gas and wind, an underdeveloped digestive system, and trauma from the birthing process.

Cranial Osteopathy treatment for colic aims to release stressors and strains from the infant’s body by gentle manipulation of bones and muscles to induce relief.

2. Torticollis

Torticollis, or “twisted neck”, is characterised by a stiff neck that makes it uncomfortable or painful to turn your neck. Adults most often have this condition after a bad night’s sleep. However, infants can also experience torticollis. This sometimes presents itself to newborns after a difficult childbirth.

While this may sound serious, Cranial Osteopaths are very equipped to deal with these situations. Osteopaths deal with tight muscles often and babies are generally receptive to such treatment. Talk to us today to find out the price of an Osteopath in Singapore.

3. Reflux

Infant reflux is where babies vomit up milk or cry after breastfeeding or a bottle feed. It results from the stomach rejecting some of the milk ingested by the infant. 

The causes for infant reflux can vary. It may be that your baby’s digestive tract is not aligned properly. Or in other cases there might be issues with cranial strains and palate which might be interfering with the baby’s ability to breath, nurse, and swallow at the same time.
Treatment for reflux via Cranial Osteopathy requires a trained pair of hands and delicate movement of the joints to soothe any discomfort or address any imbalance in your baby. Osteopaths use gentle techniques to help relax the ligaments and the muscles of your infant to address reflux.

4. Latching

Parents in Singapore who find themselves having breastfeeding difficulties can also turn to Cranial Osteopathy as an alternative source of treatment to help their infants latch better. Physical trauma during birth, associated with the usage of forceps, can cause misalignment with their baby’s skull which in turn can affect their ability to suckle, swallow, and breathe.

This imbalance can also cause irritation and hypersensitivity which can exacerbate the problem. In such situations, Cranial Osteopathy can help diagnose and solve the underlying issue. They can also work alongside a lactation specialist to provide holistic solutions to problems related to breastfeeding.

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Cranial Osteopathy is a useful alternative medical option for  both new and experienced parents in Singapore. It is a gentle, and holistic approach to helping your infant through some of the common issues that many babies face in the first few years of life.

Find out more about the practice of Cranial Osteopathy in Singapore and what other benefits it can have for your child. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you and your baby.

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