What Conditions Does Visceral Osteopathy Help To Treat?

What Conditions Does Visceral Osteopathy Help To Treat?

Osteopathy as an alternative medical practice has been gaining steam in recent years as a holistic treatment option. From pains in joints and bones to digestive disorders, Osteopathy can help patients recover in comfort from a range of ailments. 

Visceral Osteopathy is a specific branch of Osteopathy that deals with the viscera – the inner organs and soft membranes inside your body. Through gentle physical manipulation, Visceral Osteopathic therapy can address a number of conditions related to issues with normal functioning of your organs.

1. Excessive Bloating

Many people in Singapore dismiss bloating as a temporary discomfort to be endured as part of their daily lives. However, bloating can sometimes be linked to poor digestive health and can hint at other issues with your gut. A consult with a trained Osteopath or osteo in Singapore might be advisable for patients who are in discomfort or pain from chronic bloating issues.
Visceral Osteopathy treatment manipulates your stomach and intestines to locate any pre-existing problems that might be the source of your issues. Digestion is partly a mechanical process, and unwanted restrictions in mobility can be at the root of some gut problems.

Sciatica Diagram Consult with a Trained Osteo

2. Sciatica

Sciatica is a condition where the patient experiences mild to severe pain along your sciatic nerve from your lower back down to your legs. In most cases, it is caused by a herniated disk or a bone spur in your spine.

For mild cases of sciatica, nonsurgical treatments like chiropractic adjustments and cold therapy are preferred. Many patients respond well to these treatments and find their symptoms improving over time. 

However, patients who do not respond to physiotherapy or chiropractic treatment, can consider visiting an Osteo in Singapore to evaluate if there are any problems in other areas of the body that might be contributing to the sciatic pain.
This is especially pertinent for patients who have had surgery done around the abdominal wall. A restricted large intestine can display symptoms of pain in other areas of the body and physical manipulation through Visceral Osteopathy can sooth such pain.

3. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a common gut disorder that can be a frustrating chronic condition for patients. The symptoms of IBS vary from abdominal pain, cramping, and bloating to diarrhoea and vomiting in more serious cases. IBS tends to be a long-term issue for patients, and people with minor IBS are advised to try and control their symptoms through a combination of lifestyle and dietary changes.

Visceral Osteopathy can be beneficial for patients who are suffering from chronic IBS. Visceral sensitivity is found in 60% of IBS sufferers and massage therapy of the abdominal wall and visceral manipulation through Osteopathy can be included as treatment options. 

Having Acid Reflux Often Talk to Your Osteo

4. Acid Reflux

Also known as gastroesophageal reflux, acid reflux is one of the most prevalent gut disorders. Acid reflux is caused by a valve in your oesophagus not functioning properly and allowing stomach acid to come up to your throat. Even though it’s not a severe condition, many people struggle with the discomfort and pain that constant acid reflux can bring. 

The muscles and connective tissues that hold your stomach and intestines in place can sometimes play a part in acid reflux. Taking a full body holistic approach to understand and assess how mechanical restrictions can affect your organs can go a long way in helping with acid reflux. 

If you find yourself having acid reflux often, talk to your osteo in Singapore and find out if Visceral Osteopathy can help you.

Taking a holistic approach to healthcare can help patients suffering from chronic conditions. While diet, exercise, and managing your stress levels are important, sometimes a little physical therapy and manipulation can go a long way. That’s where Visceral Osteopathy can come in to give you that extra help you need.

Interested to find out more about Visceral Osteopathy and how else you can benefit? Contact us today with all your queries and we’ll be happy to help you on your journey to a healthier self.

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