Treating Common Injuries In Children With Physical Therapy

Treating Common Injuries In Children With Physical Therapy

What are some common injuries children experience?

One of the most common injuries treated at paediatric clinics in Singapore are fractures, which are breaks that occur in a bone. Fractures range from small partial cracks to complete breaks, and can occur in any bone, although they tend to be more frequent in the wrists, elbow, and ankle as a result of athletics, rough play, and breaking falls.

Children are more prone to fractures and as many as 1 in 3 children sustain fractures in their lifetime. In contrast to adult’s bones, children’s bones feature growth plates, which are soft tissues between either end of the bone that are gradually replaced with solid bone tissue as children grow into adulthood. Due to the weaker nature of their bones and growth plates, this makes children more prone to fractures which can result in developmental issues if left untreated. 

Another common injury treated at paediatric clinics in Singapore are concussions, which are mild traumatic brain injuries that can occur after an impact to the head, such as due to a fall or accidentally colliding with hard objects. 

In older children, common injuries include sprains, strains and overuse of muscles when engaging in sports. These conditions are standard musculoskeletal conditions we treat at Edge Healthcare. Such injuries occur when children do not use proper protective gear and equipment, fail to incorporate proper warm up and cool down techniques or lack sufficient training before participating in vigorous sports.  

How does physical therapy promote children’s recovery?

Paediatric physical therapists in Singapore are well-versed with the movement, development, and conditions that affect both babies and children across their years up into adolescence. This allows them to incorporate physical therapy into treating both mild injuries in children, as well as supporting recovery following surgical treatment. In addition, paediatric physical therapists help to reassure both children and their parents throughout the treatment process while properly diagnosing and recommending an individualised treatment based on presented symptoms.

In the case of broken bones, physical therapists focus on treating the underlying soft tissue and helping children to restore their normal range of motion, strength, and function. This allows children to return to an active lifestyle while reducing the risk of recurring injury to the affected area with help from strengthening and rehabilitative exercises. 

In addition to injuries incurred as part of your child’s active lifestyle, physical therapists in Singapore also treat congenital and neurological conditions which can permanently affect your child’s development and wellbeing, such as cerebral palsy, torticollis, and spina bifida. Other services that physical therapists provide include gait analysis and training to facilitate your child’s proper posture and walking, as well as conducting neurodevelopmental assessments for infants up to 2 years of age based on key developmental milestones. This allows you to take early action to promote your child’s healthy growth and development, equipping them to be healthy, active, and confident.

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