4 Reasons to Seek Physiotherapy

For the uninitiated, physiotherapy might seem like a medical practice only for patients with severe injuries or for professional sportspeople. However, physical therapy via manual therapy, dry needling, tailored exercise regimes, and joint mobilisation, has far-reaching benefits for people from all walks and stages of life.

The human body has an undeniable capability to heal and recover from most minor injuries. However, in some cases, a little assistance from a physiotherapist in Singapore can go a long way in helping to reduce tension and inflammation, improve strength and mobility, and enhance circulation. We’ve narrowed this list down to four reasons why you should try visiting a physiotherapy clinic near you and see the

1. General/Chronic Pain Management

Chronic or general musculoskeletal pain can range from mild to severe in different patients. In some cases, patients with mild chronic pain might choose to ignore the warning signs and not seek the advice of medical professionals. Over time, there is a risk that you are putting unnecessary strain on your body which might lead to mild pain progressively becoming more severe.

Physiotherapists can help with chronic pain patients in a number of ways. Depending on the site of the pain, the severity, and the underlying cause, they can recommend a tailored treatment plan. Therapeutic exercises to increase circulation and soft tissue or joint mobilisation have all been proven to help reduce chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Physiotherapists in Singapore also work with patients to empower them to take control of their treatment and teach them techniques to reduce pain in the future. This also addresses the psychological factors involved in pain management.

2. Avoiding physical injuries

Whether you’re a professional sportsperson, a fitness junkie, or even someone who leads a more sedentary lifestyle, physiotherapy can absolutely help you avoid, and recover from, physical injuries in your daily life.

Physiotherapists work with you to improve your body’s biomechanics, help prevent or decrease headaches, decrease blood pressure, and improve circulation. Ultimately, this can aid in injury prevention and future rehabilitation. For athletes, they can be a source of invaluable advice to enhance form and flexibility as well.

But even sitting at a desk all day can lead to long-term injuries, so a trip to a physiotherapy clinic in Singapore can help reduce your chances of developing issues with lower back pains, knee pains, and strains in other joints.

3. Treat age-related health issues

Even if you take exceptional care of your body, there’s always a chance that age will catch up to you. As we grow older, our muscles get less flexible, joints get stiffer, bones get more brittle, and muscles lose size and strength.

Leading a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly can help with many of these issues. However the older you get, the more susceptible you are to age-related health problems. 

Physical therapy to improve strength and mobility among specific muscles, joints, and areas of weakness can go a long way in helping ageing patients. They can also help prevent or reduce occurrences of injuries from falls and slips.

4. Reducing muscle tension from prolonged work

Studies find that office workers spend an average of 7 hours sitting at their workstations. These extended periods can lead to a build-up of muscle tension. Not only does this muscle tension lead to pain, it can also lead to more severe back problems in the future.

Physiotherapists can use a combination of techniques such as dry needling, massages, and joint mobilisation to help relieve muscle tension and pain. They are also able to introduce exercises that alleviate pain and reduce discomfort.

Physiotherapy has a wide range of benefits for many patients. While the methods may seem obvious and intuitive, decades of research and years of training have gone into providing a high-level of care for patients.

Interested to find out how physiotherapy can help you? Contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our highly trained and experienced physiotherapists.

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