5 Criteria To Consider When Choosing A Physiotherapy Clinic

Physiotherapy Specialist in Singapore

In the course of our daily lives, our bodies will face inevitable strains and stresses, sometimes it culminates in injuries that can impede our ability to enjoy life. These injuries come in all sorts, from athletes experiencing torn ligaments to elderly individuals slipping and falling at home. In such scenarios, visiting a physiotherapist helps prevent your injury from getting more severe. Here are the top 5 criteria that all visitors should consider when choosing a physiotherapy clinic in Singapore.

1. They utilise effective treatments.

Physiotherapy is a well-established and researched field, with many treatment methods backed up by scientific support.  A reputable physiotherapy clinic near you will be able to incorporate these treatments into your individual plan, ensuring that you can enjoy a speedy road to recovery.

These treatments range from range of motion exercises that help promote movement, joint mobility and facilitate blood circulation; to more specific therapies such as dry needling, movement analysis and exercise rehabiliation.

Less evidence based clinics, may provide modalities such as heat therapy, ultrasound and traction devices. These have shown to have little to no significant effects on recovery.

2. They have passionate staff.

At the heart of it, physiotherapy is a personal and individualised treatment, with constant two-way interaction between you and your physiotherapist. A reputable physiotherapy clinic in Singapore has physiotherapists who are passionate in seeing their patients in their care improve. Acting as both friends and mentors, they help them stay accountable and responsible for taking charge of their own recovery. Good physiotherapists also stay abreast of the latest trends and research in physiotherapy, offering patients multiple options to achieve their desired recovery goals.

3. They treat the root of your injury.

When we experience pain, many of us focus on treating the symptoms rather than the underlying cause, such as taking painkillers and hoping that the pain will subside. However, for conditions such as a ruptured Achilles tendon or a torn ligament, painkillers only mask the pain and can lead to more severe injury, as you continue to strain and apply pressure on the affected areas.

A good Physiotherapist adopts a holistic approach to treatment, and therefore leads to a longer duration of its effectiveness. A reputable physiotherapy clinic near you will not only treat the root of your problem, but also help you plan out an achievable routine of exercises and lifestyle changes, empowering you to live life fully and pain-free.

4. They are specialists in their field.

Physiotherapy clinics in Singapore vary in what they treat, be it specialising fields such as sports medicine and geriatric physiotherapy, to clinics that offer pediatric and orthopedic physiotherapy. Just like you would seek specialists’ advice for a variety of medical conditions, so should you do the same when experiencing a specific injury.

A specialised physiotherapy clinic has relevant staff and treatment methods to best alleviate your condition, providing you with the peace of mind and helping you to recover efficiently. For example, sports conditioning helps athletes recover and resume their passion of sporting excellence, while geriatric-focused physiotherapy assists elderly individuals in maintaining their daily routine through strengthening exercises.

5. They adopt an ethical approach.

The medical field abounds with unfortunate stories of people being pressured to pay for added tests, procedures, or medicines. Many medical professionals prey on patients’ fears of extended pain to sell them unneeded treatments, particularly to the elderly. An ethical physiotherapy clinic near you puts your welfare and well-being as their top priority, planning only what you require for your individualised therapy regime. They also help to minimise any undue stress or concerns about finances or mental fears, helping to speed up the recovery process.

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