What Role Does A Physiotherapist Play In Your Recovery?

Physiotherapy in Singapore For Your Recovery

Many of us would visit our nearest GP whenever we fall sick. The same holds true for visiting a physiotherapist in Singapore, whenever we experience strains, tears, and injuries that can potentially impact our long-term well-being. Physiotherapists assist in helping patients across all ages and lifestyles recover and regain their movement, allowing them to resume their daily routine. Read on to find out the essential role that physiotherapists play in your recovery.

They apply their expertise to your needs.

Physical therapists in Singapore are well-versed in the latest and most up-to-date treatment methods. Their roles include assessing clients’ needs, formulating a diagnosis and treatment plan with the patient, as well as implementing it while constantly evaluating the outcomes, shared goals set by and with the patient, as well as ensuring physical therapy goes smoothly.

Physiotherapists in Singapore treat a wide variety of patients, ranging from sports athletes to patients with health conditions, such as cardiac, pulmonary, neurological, and musculoskeletal conditions, amongst others. Others specialise in paediatric support for children, as well as geriatric support for elderly conditions.

Accredited physiotherapists are also registered Allied Health Professionals in Singapore, reflecting their expertise in their field. They also adopt a multidisciplinary approach, closely collaborating with other medical and health professionals across various fields, helping them to make more accurate and meaningful decisions for a more holistic treatment plan.

They create a personalised regime for you.

Every patient brings their own unique circumstances when seeking treatment. They range from how active their lifestyle is, their age, as well as attributes such as genetics, existing or past health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, or previous injuries from exertion or strain.

This means that physiotherapists in Singapore have to plan out a tailor-made recovery plan for each patient. In addition to diagnosing and treating patient’s ailments through various therapy options, physiotherapists focus on long-term recovery by planning out various exercises that you can do at home, as well as lifestyle changes that you may need to adopt.

For example, a physical therapist in Singapore specialising in treating sports injuries may prescribe a general rehabilitation plan, such as minimising movement, moving to limited kinetic exercises before progressing on to sport-specific exercises and reconditioning athletes towards their previous performance.

In contrast, a physiotherapist specialising in working with elderly patients may recommend lifestyle changes, such as eating less sugary food, as well as teaching them essential yet non-strenuous strength-building exercises. This helps elderly patients to build up their muscle strength and prevent further strain or repeated injury to the affected area, especially as their age usually leads to slower recovery.

They support you throughout your journey.

A visit to the doctor is markedly different from a physiotherapy session. A doctor usually writes a prescription for various medicines upon diagnosis, leaving you to administer it yourself and recover on your own, or come back for a review if your symptoms continue to persist. That couldn’t be further from how physiotherapists treat their patients!

Beyond expertise and tailor-made treatment plans, what sets physiotherapists in Singapore apart is their dedication and passion towards helping their patients. The most popular physiotherapists also act as friends and mentors, helping patients set reachable goals with their input, as well as constantly reviewing treatment efficacy and adapting if required.

The role that physiotherapists play is invaluable for certain patients, such as elderly individuals and patients struggling with disabilities. Physical therapists in Singapore help these patients stay accountable even as they push through their daily challenges, from watching their diet to maintaining an exercise regime. By knowing that their physiotherapist has their back, patients are spurred on towards recovery and self-empowerment.

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