What are the Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy

What are the Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy

Everyone enjoys pampering themselves with a good massage session every now and then. Massages help to relax the body, calm the mind, and leave you feeling renewed, and energised. A sports massage from a trained physiotherapist in Singapore takes it even further and is often a vital part of training regimes for elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Sports massage is a form of deep tissue massage that involves the manipulation of soft tissues in a systemic way to confer numerous benefits to the patient. Typically focused on specific areas of pain or injury, the aims of sports massage are to improve circulation, remove toxins and waste products, increase mobility, and up sporting and exercise performance.

Sports massage in Singapore Improving Circulation

Improving Circulation

By stimulating soft tissues with gentle pressure, blood and lymphatic circulation can be improved in specific areas of the body. Lymphatic circulation aids in removing waste by-products that build up due to injury or exertion. Increased blood circulation brings much-needed nutrients to your muscles and tissues, improves muscle recovery, and accelerates healing in your body. 

These benefits are especially important for athletes, but even regular people can stand to gain. Good circulation has also been linked to better overall health, and reduces risks of diseases and other health threats. So booking an appointment at a physiotherapy clinic in Singapore regularly can actually be a healthy boost to your lifestyle.

Breaking Down Scar Tissue

One of the major differentiators of sports massage from other types of massage is the focus on scar tissue breakdown. Collagen fibres repair damaged muscle fibres in the body. However, since collagen is less flexible than regular body tissue, they are restrictive and can hinder a patient’s range of motion and muscle elasticity. Neither of which is ideal for explosive physical activity.

Deep, firm pressure breaks down these collagen fibres which improves mobility and reduces pain, benefitting both athletes and patients recovering from recent injuries.

Sports massage in Singapore Increased Flexibility

Increased Flexibility

Active sportsmen are constantly putting undue stress on their muscles and joints and their bodies often suffer from overuse which can lead to muscle rigidity. Tense muscles are a recipe for disaster as inflexibility is commonly associated with tears, strains, and other types of injuries.

A significant purpose of sports massage is to combat muscle rigidity by relaxing tense muscles and enhancing flexibility. Athletes often go through repetitive motions during training drills or even during competitions. A tight hamstring or calf muscle at the wrong time might not only hinder performance, but can lead to debilitating injuries. A good sports massage before a competition or after intense training can be good preparation to optimise results.

Mental Health Benefits

Another primary benefit of getting a good sports massage in Singapore, is the potential to have a clearer, more relaxed mind. Massages feel good on the body, releasing endorphins to elevate your mood, and relieve pain. They can also lead to better sleep and shorter recovery times. Getting a massage in and of itself puts people in a meditative state and has numerous positive psychological advantages that can play a part in helping athletes focus better for upcoming competitions.

If you’re an athlete looking to eke out more performance gains, a fitness enthusiast trying to reach new goals, or even just a regular patient looking to alleviate pain or recover from an injury, heading down to our orchard physiotherapy centre or CBD physiotherapy centrefor a sports massage can be immensely helpful.

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