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How stretch therapy can help relieve neck, shoulder, and back pain

How stretch therapy can help relieve neck, shoulder, and back pain

Stretch therapy in Singapore is sometimes misconstrued as only benefitting athletes or exercise enthusiasts. Far from it, stretch therapy is a method of stretching out joints and muscles to improve your range of motion, lubricate your joints, increase blood flow, and reduce pain or stiffness.

Now more than ever, people are living sedentary lifestyles that involve sitting down for an unhealthy number of hours a day. Staying in this static position has a number of downsides and adversely affects physical health. Notably neck, shoulder, and back pain are often reported among office workers who use their computers for long periods of time. For anyone with such issues, stretch therapy provides a way to relieve pain, strengthen muscles, and improve flexibility to prevent long term injuries.

Stretch therapy Singapore Pain Relief

Pain Relief

People are built to stand upright, not sit down all day. Correspondingly, our vertebrae and back muscles work best when we’re on our feet and walking around. Sitting down for long periods of time is an unnatural position for our body and contributes to the burning pain in our lower back.

Working on a computer further exacerbates this problem as our neck and shoulders are also locked in position to look at the computer screen. This results in neck and shoulder issues, alongside back pain.

Stretch therapy is a great solution for long-term relief when it comes to such physical ailments. Going for regular sessions helps improve blood flow to affected areas allowing your body to recover faster and reduce achy pains. A good physiotherapist in Singapore can also utilise stretch therapy to improve your posture and ease muscle tightness and tension.

Strengthen Muscles

No we’re not talking about hitting the gym. Stretch therapy can correct imbalances in your body by strengthening certain muscle groups. Pain, injury, and stiffness can all be caused by muscle weakness or imbalance. A trained physical therapist can identify such issues and help you improve muscle strength via stretch therapy to correct the problem.

Over time this can become a preventative measure to guard against future injuries. Stronger muscles supporting your back, neck, and shoulders means less long-term chronic issues.

Stretch therapy Singapore Improve Flexibility

Improve Flexibility

The major benefit of stretch therapy is really about improving flexibility and range of motion. You might think this only applies to ballet dancers or gymnasts, but having better flexibility can stave off many issues associated with being seated all day as well.

Muscles that are more fluid and pliable allow the body to move better and reduce tightening and stiffening. Looser muscles mean less chance of injury and pain. If your physical therapy session in Singapore involves stretch therapy, you can be sure your muscles are getting more flexible as you go through the different motions and stretch out various muscle groups.

Should you suffer from neck, shoulder, or back pain, consider adding stretch therapy sessions to your weekly schedule. Physiotherapists are trained to evaluate your issues and daily routines before taking you through the appropriate stretch therapy movements to help with pain or injury. Increased muscle strength and flexibility provides added benefit, reduces the likelihood of future injury and contributes to improved posture.

Looking for a physiotherapist clinic near you to correct your neck, shoulder or back issues? Book an appointment with the nearest Edge Healthcare clinic in your area today for a solution.

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