4 Lifestyle Habits That Will Help You Manage Neck Pain

4 Lifestyle Habits That Will Help You Manage Neck Pain

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest contributors to neck pain, which can cause great disruptions to your day-to-day life. As if the uncomfortable and nagging ache is not enough, leaving neck pain untreated could also result in secondary issues like headaches and migraines as well as shoulder pain that migrates to other areas of the body. 

But before you seek neck pain treatment in Singapore, it would not hurt to adopt these lifestyle habits that will help you to manage the pain. 

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1. Improve your posture

Improve your posture neck pain treatment

A sustained sleeping and sitting posture can affect your neck, causing pain that makes going about your daily life challenging. To ease the pain, simply make changes to your posture so that less stress and strain are put on your neck. 

Avoid getting a pillow that is too high or stiff and keep your spine straight by using a pillow that is higher under your neck if sleeping on your side. Pay attention to how you are seated at your desk – you should be sitting up straight with your back flush against the chair and your head in a neutral position with the ears directly above your shoulders. It is best to seek some ergonomic advice to make this more natural as forcing ‘good posture’ is often tiring in itself. Standing desks are a great way to keep your body moving.

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If making changes to posture does not improve your neck pain, consider seeking professional neck pain treatment from a physiotherapist near you.

2. Do daily stretches

Do daily stretches physiotherapist in Singapore

Just like other parts of your body, doing some simple stretches can provide relief to stiff and sore muscles, easing pain and making your neck stronger. 

For instance, a neck extension exercise in which the stretch is felt along the front of the neck through the throat does not just relieve pain, but can also improve neck function and flexibility. However, if pain increases while performing certain stretches, stop immediately and try a different exercise. 

Unsure if you are doing your stretches the correct way? Going to a physiotherapist in Singapore is an alternative as a trained therapist will be able to assist you and offer advice to improve your form for optimum results. 

3. Avoid lifting heavy objects when in pain

Avoid lifting heavy objects

Lifting heavy objects increases your chances of overcompensating with a poor posture or bending the neck in an awkward position to maintain balance or momentum. Pain then develops over time, making it harder for you to perform simple tasks. 

If you are not able to avoid handling heavy objects, it is advisable that you take a break from physical work when a stiff neck interferes, do stretching exercises to relieve pain and seek prompt treatment at a physiotherapist’s as soon as possible. 

4. Keep your eye prescription up to date

Keep your eye prescription up to date physiotherapist in Singapore

Although it is uncommon to hear that your glasses may be causing you neck pain, there is in fact, a possibility that they are the culprit. 

For example, if your eyesight has gotten worse but you are still using the same pair of glasses, then you may be making and exaggerating certain motions (like moving in and out from the object) to see better subconsciously. Hence, it is always important to ensure your eye prescription is up to date to prevent developing neck pain. 

Nevertheless, if neck pain persists even with an updated eye prescription and glasses, then other factors like your lifestyle and posture could be contributing to the pain. You may wish to see a physiotherapist in Singapore to get to the root of the problem. 

Neck pain treatment at Edge Healthcare

Neck pain treatment at Edge Healthcare

Neck pain might seem like part and parcel of life but the consequences of leaving it untreated can affect your quality of life. 

Seek prompt neck pain treatment in Singapore at Edge Healthcare today – our team of physiotherapists is dedicated to helping patients break free from chronic pain through a holistic approach. 

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