Debunking 5 Common Myths About Physiotherapy

Debunking 5 Common Myths About Physiotherapy

“Physiotherapy only benefits athletes” and “physiotherapy is just massages disguised as treatments” are some common myths that have deterred people who are in pain from booking an appointment. If you have ever had these thoughts, you are not alone.

Contrary to popular belief, seeing a physical therapist in Singapore for treatment has various benefits that can improve one’s quality of life regardless of age and activity level.

To help you visit a physiotherapy clinic near you with fewer doubts and worries, these are the top five myths you need to stop believing in debunked – keep reading to find out more.

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1. Physiotherapy only entails massages

A physical therapist may make use of hands-on techniques similar to a massage to improve the symptoms of a range of musculoskeletal conditions, but there is so much more to physiotherapy than meets the eye. It is a holistic approach in which guided exercise programmes may be combined with massages to improve your range of motion and increase strength. Most of the time, a physical therapist will also offer lifestyle advice catered to your needs that will allow you to regain your quality of life more quickly.

2. Physiotherapy only helps during the post-injury stage

Many people tend to only think of visiting a physical therapist after sustaining an injury, but physiotherapy has many benefits aside from helping you to get back on your feet. For instance, sports physiotherapy can also identify areas at risk of an injury so you can prevent it and improve your musculoskeletal health to enhance your performance. These can be achieved with the help of a detailed consultation discussing your medical history and physical examination to give your physical therapist a clearer idea of your current musculoskeletal health.

physiotherapy clinic in Singapore post-injury stage

3. Physiotherapy only benefits athletes

While sports physiotherapy is usually catered to athletes who are more susceptible to injuries, physiotherapy is actually suitable and beneficial for the general public as well. Children, adults and even the elderly can all reap the benefits of physiotherapy, as it deals with a wide range of problems such as lower back pain from a sedentary lifestyle and arthritis from old age.

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4. Physiotherapy is redundant if I can do the exercises at home

You may be able to follow YouTube videos online, but the reality is that there will not be anyone to correct your posture and recommend the right exercises. When you go for physiotherapy, a physical therapist will be there to help you maintain the right posture and suggest exercises that target your specific needs. Sometimes, a combination of hands-on techniques may be needed which is why doing the exercises yourself at home is less effective than going for physiotherapy.

5. Physiotherapy is the same as getting a massage

Going for a massage provides immediate relaxation of pain and muscle spasms, helping you to feel lighter after the session. But physiotherapy focuses more on rehabilitating muscles and improving joint function to treat the root of the problem for longer-lasting results. If you have suffered an injury, it is advisable to visit a physical therapist rather than going for a massage as masseurs are not equipped with the right knowledge and techniques to treat an injury.

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