Neck Pain from office work

Neck pain of developed and developing countries is one of the most prevalent international disorders. Office workers are one group, which is more and more vulnerable to neck pain. You may not be surprised, but during the last decade, neck pain has grown to 67% of computer users, whereby the pain lasts upwards of three months.

Why office workers are more prone to neck and upper back pain?

When you’re sitting at your desk all day long, your spine remains in a relatively static position, causing you to overwork your muscles and joints and eventually leading to pain.

The signs are often compounded if you have poor posture and/or are lacking movement. For example, you tend to move your face closer to the monitor when you’re sleepy, which puts further pressure on postural neck muscles, such as deep flexors.

Furthermore, if you hunch at your desk it will cause you to rotate your shoulders forwards, this can lead to an imbalance in your chest, neck and shoulder muscles and can cause strain and tightness as a result.

A therapist’s approach should be to strengthen postural muscles, boost the role of the neck, improve movement and quality of life and reduce pain. A trained Osteopath or Physiotherapist should be able to help and guide you in the right direction.

How do Osteopaths treat neck pain?

Care for neck pain should first be prescribed, and the osteopath and physiotherapist should customise the treatment to suit your case. The treatment frequently uses many subtle techniques to increase the range of the neck and thoracic spine and associated articulations and to reduce any muscle tension and discomfort.

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They are often used to alleviate muscle spasms through soft tissue techniques and stretches. You can treat the spinal joints with either a mobilisation or a manipulation which creates a rapid increase in range of motion. Additionally, exercise prescription is often recommended to help maintain treatment results and to prevent them from occurring in the future.

What is Workstation Ergonomic assessments?

Workstation Ergonomic assessments are tests that are conducted by a team of either Physios or Osteopaths on your office workstation. The tests will access the Ergonomic conditions of desks, seats and monitor position. After the assessment, a report will be made which will advise you on ways to improve the conditions.

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